Nest boxes solutions 

Keep the common birds common and more resilient to urbanization

This project aims to increase the resilience of common bird species to urbanization by increasing public awareness and understanding of their importance, as well as providing conservation solutions to make their habitats more resilient to the effects of urbanization. The project will include a public outreach and education campaign to raise awareness of the importance of common bird species and the threats posed by urbanization. Additionally, the project will include the implementation of conservation solutions such as the creation of artificial nesting sites and the planting of native vegetation in urban areas. The long-term goal of the project is to ensure that common bird species remain common and become more resilient to the pressures of urbanization. 

Barn Owl: Born to be a friend of farmer and a peacemaker

The use of barn owls (Tyto Alba) as a biological control method could be a very good alternative to the use of pesticides, which might reduce the negative effects and externalities associated with rodenticides.

This project consists of implementing and monitoring nest boxes to host barn owls in different agricultural regions in Morocco. It is part of a programme that envoles different countries from Middle east, Europe and Morocco with an aim to have exchange of experience form a technical and scientific point of views, but also the project aims to foster educational and cultural aspect while contributing in peacemaking in the region.