Women in science

As March is the time when the world gives credit to women, we were waiting for this month to acknowledge distinguished women for the contributions they make in science and research. It goes without saying that all women should be honored, regardless of their nationality, status, job, position, condition, or affiliation, as long as it is they who add value and worth to the fields of life and not the other way round. However, as teachers and researchers in higher education, we deem it fundamental to acknowledge women in science and research, to inspire other men and women, to highlight excellence, to promote achievement, and to lead by example. In spite of being a choice, it is a moral imperative and obligation to acknowledge the role women play in advancing knowledge and enlightening the world with theirunique personalities, qualities and ideas. We feel very appreciativeand indebted to our notable guest speakers and equally deeply delighted to learn about the success stories they traced despite whatever barriers or challenges they went through. Our speakers epitomizetherepresentative voice of millions of women, whose excellence we have to applaud, in Africa and worldwide so that the next generations of women would value their potential, their power, and their worth.