I2CNP International conference - 3rd edition

Call for abstracts

to participate in the 3rd edition of the International Conference on

Climate Nexus Perspectives: « Toward urgent, innovative, sustainable natural and technological solutions for Water Energy Food and Environmental systems»

09 - 10 | May 2023

ENSCK, Kenitra , Morocco

Hybrid conference

Following the success of the first and the second edition of I2CNP conference in 2020 and 2021, the third edition of the conference will be held in the middle of a very crucial context marked with critical economic crises making more pressure on natural resources, water, energy and food. This global socio-economic and political crisis brings more pressure on scientists and decision makers to respond urgently with feasible, innovative solutions to tackle the big demand on natural resources and to reduce the impact of climate change especially on water, food, energy systems while seeking to protect ecosystems, biodiversity and the environment. In this sense, the mean axis of the conference are:

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